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July 2016 

Satellites of Love/Regions of Alienations 

A visual arts collaboration between local artists and community groups that appreciates the importance of community engagement. The exhibition was held at the Gold Coast City Gallery and produced by the collaborative content studio Fun Hauser. 

Over the period of 10 months, 5 local emerging Artists collaborated with community groups. The resultant works revealed a vital connection between group participation, happiness and social cohesion in the community.

Lily collaborated with two very different Northern Gold Coast groups: The Northern Gold Coast Seahawks Basketball Team and Sacred Connections a spiritual church. 

To understand the emotions experienced when participating in group activities, Lily interviewed the members and asked the questions: why did they joined the group?, how it made them feel being part of a group? and what were the benefits of being a member?. 

Lily’s artwork included video, sound, photography and sculpture. “Overall it was a wonderful experience as it reminded me that all people have a basic human need to be with others. Sharing our passion, can lead to valuable friendships, happiness and compassion. The benefits enable us to grow, develop and contribute to society.

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